AgileTecknik is here to accelerate innovation within the electronics industry and the environment we live in.

Embracing new opportunities within the electronics, communications and internet industries, our ambition is to develop and innovate a greener living future.

Agiletechnik is a separate limited company spun off from Hanover Displays to do wider development while remaining the research partner of Hanover Displays through common ownership and shared resources.

Team Members


Owner & Founder

Having established Hanover Displays Ltd. in 1985 and grown the brand into a multinational business, Gavin has always been focussed on the big picture when it comes to research, technology, and development, having also had a hand in the creation of a number of startup groups.

Combining a BSc Physics and MSc Business Studies with this 50+ years of International Business development, he is now excited to utilise and direct his expertise in a way that not only improves the quality of life for people around the world, but also the planet itself.


Mechanical Design & Project Management

Simon has been an important part of Hanover Displays for over 28 years and was instrumental as team leader of the research team that developed and tested the high resolution displays, previous to this Simon was Senior Engineering Manager specialising in 2D AutoCAD & 3D Solidworks packages.

With a passion for technology and its wider applications, he is always keen to utilise his wide mechanical engineering and project management expertise with creative projects and problem solving.


System Architecture & Software Design

Phil is an expert in all things to do with circuitry and programming. Multi-lingual, he is fluent in C and Python programming, as well as the practical application of those languages onto the circuit boards themselves, from design, to quality assurance, to distribution.

With over 40 years experience in the electronics manufacturing industry and a BSc Physics and Communications, he is dedicated to the development of technical innovations and solutions and ensuring the quality of them throughout.


Electronic Hardware Design

With over 40 years in the electronics manufacturing industry and project lead roles in research and development, Jon’s focus is on all things technical, from temperature measurements, circuit design, and product architecture.

Combining his vocational expertise with a BSc in Mathematics, Jon has been instrumental in the technical direction of numerous high-profile projects and has core skills in development management, with 23 years technical management experience.

What makes AgileTechnik different

We are a self-funded group of very experienced engineers with broad international experience.

This enables us the react with speed and determination to any applications where our experience can help.

We delight in problem solving and have developed an international network of partners.


Get in touch to find out how our approach can help your business reach new peaks of productivity and innovation.