Innovation is at the heart of what drives AgileTechnik. We are constantly striving to innovate new ideas pushing what’s possible every step of the way to create new systems and applications.

Find below some of our most recent innovative creations.

High Resolution LED Displays

We’ve been defining and refining LED passenger displays for over 35 years, and have always been at the forefront of advancements in the pairing of innovation and user experience.

Utilising the latest in LED technology, we increased the density and number of LEDs to create a stronger passenger experience without sacrificing reliability. There are now up to 30x the number of LED’s of a standard destination display, which provides excellent legibility come rain or shine.

Electric Motor Powered Sailboat

It is a 1937 Lymington L-Class, 7.1m long wooden sailboat. Gavin has had it fully restored as it was found rotting in a mudbank for 20 years.

Originally it had no engine fitted but is now using 2 x 10.5KW Synchronous Reluctance motors, driven at 96V by 4 x 24V lithium-ion batteries in series.

Each motor is independently controlled via its own controller and throttle.

Each controller can be independently configured via a laptop for various parameters, for example min\max rpm, throttle curve\response etc..

The motors were specifically selected for their power, reliability, and durability.

The overall system has been designed\configured to allow easy transition to other electric drive applications.

It uses the gearboxes from two 15Hp outboard motors mounted off centre from the keel on both the port and starboard sides.

The gearboxes are modified to have fixed drive instead of the normal selectable forward & reverse gears.

By having two motors will in theory allow the boat to have a very tight turning circle when in manoeuvring in port.

A custom designed app controlled charging system using both a wind turbine and solar panels is being developed to allow remote monitoring of the batteries charge status when the boat is moored offshore and away from a fixed power source.

Electric Mini

It is a 2002 BMW Mini Cooper S

It had a catastrophic engine failure which would have cost around £5K to fix so it was retired as the cars value did not justify the expense.

The decision was made to convert to electric drive

Having removed the engine, exhaust, petrol tank and rebuilt and restored the front end of the car a 90kW Synchronous Reluctance Internal Permanent Magnet (SRIPM) motor, with a maximum 9000rpm will be fitted.

It will be powered by lithium-ion batteries at 144V, with an estimated power of 35kW giving a range of approx. 120-150 miles (dependent on driving style)

This motor produces around 120Hp at 220NM. This power is available for 0 rpm so the car will get off the line very quickly.

The existing 6-speed gearbox is to be maintained and will be mated to the motor.

The controller used is almost identical to the two controllers used on the boat, and the configuration setup software used is identical, so there is a clear link between the two projects, setup\configuration of the motors etc.

As with the boat the overall system has been designed / configured to allow easy transition to other electric drive applications.


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